Enjoy your stay!

Welcome to Kotori-Hiroba Bird Cafe.

50 minutes 1,500 yen (Tax included)
Child 50 minutes 1,200 yen.
(You can extend your stay for 600 yen every 30 minutes after your first 50 minutes is up!)
1.2 hour stay – 2,100 yen.
1.5 hour stay – 2,700 yen.
All day ticket 13:00-18:00 6,000 yen.

IN 13:00
+50minutes > 13:50 1,500 yen
+30minutes > 14:20 2,100 yen
+30minutes > 14:50 2,700 yen
+30minutes > 15:20 3,300 yen
+30minutes > 15:50 3,900 yen
+30minutes > 16:20 4,500 yen
+30minutes > 17:10 5,100 yen
+30minutes > 17:40 5,700 yen
+20minutes > 18:00 6,000 yen

Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday are closed.
* Open on Mondays on public holidays.


1-16-6 Morinomiya-chuou Chuou-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka Japan PIN 540-0003

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Please do not smoke inside the bird cafe.
Please disinfect your hands using our spray before touching the birds.
We do not accept responsibity for any broken jewelry inside the bird cafe.
We can supply a cape to stop your clothes getting dirty.
If your clothes get dirty this is not our responsibility.
Our birds are all very kind but sometimes they may peck at your skin or hair.
We do not take responsibility for any injury caused inside the bird cafe.
Please do not bring other animals such as (dog,cat) into the bird cafe.
Please don’t take photos of other customers without their permission.
If you take photos of the birds please turn off your flash.
Thank you for taking the time to read our rules.